Thursday, August 30, 2012

22 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  It's been a good week this week! I have had some very interesting a new symptoms which have been fun learning how to deal with. Baby has been very active lately (which is so great, of course). I am SO ready to look pregnant. People keep asking me if the baby is OK, because I'm still so small. I just say "every body is different". But I'm tired of hearing that and also the "Oh I had NO idea you were pregnant!" or "You don't look pregnant at all, be thankful!" or "I was HUGE at 22 weeks!" Thanks everyone. Soon it'll be my turn!
 How Far Along: 22 weeks Size of baby:  11in head to toe, about the size of a spaghetti(?) squash. And just under or around a pound. I am so curious to know how my baby is growing.
Weight: 118lb
Total Weight Gain: Gained 8lbs (7 according to my Dr.s scale). Another week, another pound! I've been eating well this week and I know I haven't gained weight anywhere BUT my belly. So I'm trying to accept the numbers for what they are: proof my baby is growing!
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing normal clothes. Jeans need a belly band but they try to fall off. I sometimes wear my maternity shirts, but they're still not necessary. I did put on my sweatshirt the other night for the first time all summer, and there was the proof that my belly was bigger! It still fit, but it just fit totally different. I'm going to need a new one before Fall. 
Gender:  GIRL!!!! We think. :)
Names: We have a name picked out, but we're not announcing it until my next ultrasound where hopefully we will get a better view and confirm my doctors "pretty confident" guess of girl! In the meantime I'm busy brainstorming for boy names, one I love just as much as my girl name. That way if we find out it's a boy, I will have a name I love!
Movement: I think I've felt her every day this week. There was one day where she was SO active and high up I could see her movements. It looked so weird and funny! I love it.
Sleep: It's been great still! I get tired around 8:30 every night (again) and finally sleep around 9:30. Then I wake up at 9am (if the puppy lets me) with an hour break in between to get Jake sent off to work. Plenty of sleep for me!
Exercise: Walking the doggies ever day! Climbing up and down our stairs every hour with the puppy. That has to count!
Symptoms: Lots of growing pains still, bloody noses, SUCH BAD LEG CRAMPS, and some other private stuff. I love seeing my body adjust to pregnancy and prepare to deliver the baby!
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: Ice cream I guess. But I go without it, treating myself maybe once a week (although it could easily be every day!). Loving bread, as always.
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: We had a productive weekend last weekend! We bought a bigger car AND the crib! We are going to paint the crib. Everyone either has white or wood color. I used to LOVE the white, but eeeeveryone has it. So we're going with a really beautiful, gender neutral color! I'll post pics once it's done, but it may take a few weeks. We also just got a ton of stuff from my dad, including the car seat (which I would totally install now if I didn't think it'd make me crazy) and lots of bottles/pacis/bibs/clothes/etc.
Best Moment this week: Feeling and seeing my baby kick so much. 
Looking Forward To: Obviously my Dr. Appointment next week! It's been soooo long. I'm SO glad this is the only time I have five weeks between appointments. I'm looking forward to hopefully knowing the gender "for sure".
Belly Pic:

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  1. That is true everyone is different. I am on the opposite spectrum and am gaining like crazy! I was quite large at 22 weeks and even at 30 I feel like a big hot air balloon!

    Glad everything is going well so far! Take care!