Friday, April 30, 2010

And the name is...


I love the name, and I've always wanted to receive a male black lab from a "D" litter so I could name him that. I, of course, completely forgot about this when I was first told I could name the puppy. When Jake and I were driving to work yesterday though, he said "what about Dawson?" I freaked out and said YES YES YES!!!!! Turns out, he only said that because we were passing Dawson street at the time. Jake said he liked the name, but wasn't sure if it was a dogs name. So I gave him the day to think about it, and told him if we couldn't find one we liked more by Friday (today), his name would be Dawson. So, today arrived and Jake and I still hadn't found a name we prefer. So I just sent the email in to GDA, saying that his name would be Dawson. :)

I just can't wait. I have to seriously puppy proof this apartment, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it. But I'll figure out a way. So today will be lots of cleaning and puppy proofing, just how it should be the day before you get a puppy! If I had more money, I'd buy him brand new toys, but for now he'll have to be okay with Fala and Camry's hand-me-downs. :)

I'll try my hardest to post pictures of him this weekend! If I don't though, rest assured come Monday you'll see some pictures of the baby!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Here we go again...

Well, Jake and I might be crazy, but at least we're happy and crazy! No, this puppy isn't to train for GDA, although in a way I wish it was. :) This little guy needs a home! He was born at GDA, but has a heart defect so he was CC'd before being issued out to a raiser. They have been trying to find him a home, but because he is sick he has a short life expectancy (2 years, maybe more is what I've been told), people don't really want him. So I offered to foster him until they find him a permanent home! He is 9 weeks old, full of energy, and excitable. I was told he is handsome, and chubby. The above picture was sent to me, and they said that the picture doesn't show his expressive face. :)

Even though Jake and I are only fostering him, we do get to name him! We're pretty much at a loss, because it doesn't have to start with any specific letter. So far on our list we have:


I like Ace, Barrett, Dawson, and maybe Tagg the best right now, but I'm still open to suggestions! I want to name him by Friday, so I can get it in my head before we pick him up on Saturday!

I'm very excited. I'm not sure how long we'll have him. Wouldn't it just be my luck that they find his home next week?? But at least I could spend a few days with him! I'm just excited to get him out of the kennel and start introducing him to things like a collar, a leash, and all that fun stuff before he goes somewhere else! Hopefully he'll have a good start here and do well when he goes to his next home!

So, I'm going to try to keep this blog updated about him. It should be fun!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dog Hair

Oy. Dog Hair. Jake asked me to write a post about our woes with dog hair. I thought to myself, "why would I want to focus on something that so greatly irritates me?" But, I have nothing better to write about. I mean, I could write about our wedding or our honeymoon, but those will all come along in due time. In the meantime; Dog Hair.
Our apartment is not, by any means, big. It's small. It's fits the four of us (Jake, myself, and the two dogs) relatively well, as long as we don't both try to cook at the same time. When we first moved in, it was only Fala living with us. Fala's hair mess was definitely manageable. I would vacuum twice a week, one of those times being deep serious cleaning. It was fine and easy to control. We do have wood floors in our family room, so it was gross to see little tufts of dog hair floating around, but one quick broom swipe and they were gone.
Enter Camry, the yellow lab. I thought, for some silly reason, that blonde hair would hide even more easily than black hair did on the hardwood floors. WRONG! Not to mention Camry has decided this week she is going to shed her entire winter coat. So while Jake and I make sure to brush her AT LEAST once a day, there's still hair... everywhere. Oh, and I did I mention she likes to sleep on our bed? It has a dark comforter, ideal for showing blonde dog hair.
So, now I think it will be necessary to bring out the vacuum once a day, much to my dismay. I am happy to keep this house clean. I like it, my husband loves it. But vacuuming once a day may kill me. It's just a good thing this house is so small!
In the end though, I wouldn't give away my dogs just to be rid of dog hair. I'm coping with the idea of more cleaning, and it's an easy sacrifice when faced with the other alternative.