Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nothing to blog about

I know my blog is super lame. I know it, because I don't write it. But let's face it. There is not much to write about these days. I have no puppy in training, no babies of my own, no photography challenges and no artsy fartsy things I want to do. I'm a little housewife, loving the warmer weather Maine is giving me, while my hubs is off to work four days a week, thirteen hours a day. Such.long.days. But that's not where this post was going!

This post was going here: For now, I won't blog. I really have no reason to. I don't think I'll be getting rid of my blog, so this is really more of an I'm-admitting-it-to-the-blogging-world-so-I-don't-feel-guilty type thing. Hmm.. feels pretty good!

I guess now it's time to pry myself off the couch (three new library books and I'm supposed to be productive??) and go on my run. Yes, ladies and gents, my running is still going strong. Ish. If you can call what I do actually a run. It's moving faster than walking, so it's gotta count.

Oh and here's some happy news. Jake and I are going to Florida for my brothers wedding in three short weeks. I am thrilled, once I can get over the idea of being on a plane. AAAAND I get to see Camry and I may get to kidnap her for one and a half days of yellow-lab bliss. :)