Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Jake and I got back from vacation on Friday. It was sooooo nice. Warm and sunny basically the entire time we were there. Jake and I got scorched and we are still peeling, but all our Mainer friends still say we look way more tan and that they are jealous. :) Worth the pain! Maybe...

Of course, right before I left I had one of those moments of "I should bring my camera charger.... naahh... It won't die." And it died on the first day. So I have zero pictures of our trip which is heartbreaking. But I think most of my readers are friends of mine on facebook, which have pictures from my sister on them!

One of our funnest moments was renting a jet ski for Jake's birthday! It was SO MUCH FUN. If we hadn't been sharing one jet ski with Ali and Shane we could have easily spent all four hours out on the bay. But regardless we loved the time we had on it and my poor little feet have never been so burnt! Haha.

As for running...? *sigh*. We ran like good people the second day on vacation, but then we were dragged down by all the heat and humidity in Florida. HA! No running for us. As Jake and I get back into our routine here we WILL get back in to running. Of course, the week we come back is the week or two of steady rain. Grumble. But we have been walking Fala every night after Jake's work and hopefully that will soon morph back into running. I shouldn't say hopefully; I should just say that WILL morph back in to running. Positivity people!