Thursday, September 6, 2012

23 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  Seeing the baby at the ultrasound today!! Feeling her kick like crazy. Same ol' same ol'. :)
 How Far Along: 23 weeks Size of baby:  My doc guessed roughly 7in from head to rump. He didn't measure her body, although he did measure her head and said she was right on track. I think her head was 6cm from front to back, and 5 (almost 6)cm from side to side. Or, as baby center says, the size of a large mango!

Weight: At home I'm 119. I weigh myself without clothes on. At the doctor I was 121 (with clothes on).
Total Weight Gain: Around 9 - 10lbs, depending on who's scale you're going by. :) My doctor looked at me today though and the first thing he said was "wow, you don't even LOOK pregnant!" so I'm sure the weight is going somewhere appropriate!
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: Still wearing normal clothes! Going to look at some maternity jeans tomorrow, but I'm doubting they'll fit seeing as the only thing I don't fit about my jeans anymore is the belly part. We'll see though! I could use more maternity shirts but that's just for comfort, I still fit my normal shirts just fine. 
Gender:  GIRL!!!! We got a great shot at the last appointment. My doctor said he'll never say it's 100% sure, but "it's a girl". :)
Names: Reese Elizabeth!
Movement: Quite a bit. She still has some quiet days, but I've felt her every day. 
Sleep: It's been great!
Exercise: Walking the doggies every day! Climbing up and down our stairs every hour with the puppy. That has to count!
Symptoms: Round ligament pain, which my doctor was able to confirm today which was always a relief (although I wasn't worried).
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: Sweets and carbs. Although I can still live without them, so I'm not sure they're really "cravings". I'm not asking my husband to get up at 3 in the morning for anything! 
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: Register! My mother-in-law is forcing us too because we scheduled the date for our baby shower! Set up the crib. Buy almost everything. :)
Best Moment this week: Seeing my sweet little girl. She moves so much, the doctor was chasing her around with the ultrasound wand. When we were trying to get a booty shot she kept moving her legs, so I said "Baby! Stay still!" And she did. She's so obedient. :)I loved watching her heart beat. We watched it for a while because my doctor was counting the beats. It was so cool. We got to see her profile for the first time, and she stared right at us for the second time. She's looking more and more human! I can't wait to really see her and hold her and kiss those little cheeks of hers.
Looking Forward To: Registering! Having her crib set up!

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