Saturday, August 25, 2012

New car!

So much new stuff going on here! Of course, what do you expect when you're five months pregnant, you moved to this apartment five months ago, Jake started a new job five months ago, AND you just got a new puppy? Lots of changes. :)

Back in 2009 I got my brand new VW Beetle. It was my dream car and I loved it. But sometimes dreams change, and as I have slowly become a wife and a mother, I have sloooowwwlly started toying with the idea of trading in my perfect little car. Back in January Jake and I went to the used car dealership and talked about trading it in for a more family friendly vehicle, but after my miscarriage we basically stopped cold turkey. After finding out that we were pregnant a few months later, we started back up the car search. With winter coming and my belly growing ever bigger, I wanted to find a car sooner rather than later. And this time, I was emotionally ready to trade in my car and buy something that would better suit all of us.

Last week we found the car that we thought would be the car for us. We test drove it and loved it. We prayed about it, and on Wednesday evening went back to go talk about trading in our Beetle for the Highlander. It wasn't there though, it had been taken down to Augusta to be test driven. We were a little sad that we missed out on it, but we didn't regret taking our time thinking and praying about such a huge purchase. The next day we got a phone call saying that the person test driving it didn't want it, and would we still be interested in it? YES!

So this morning we went off and test drove it again, still loving it. Three hours later, the Buggy was traded in for our new (to us) Toyota Highlander. We have been blessed in that we were able to completely pay off the Beetle with the trade, and our new car payments have been reduced significantly. It is so us, and it will fit 2 dogs, 1 stroller, and 1 baby very very well! And of course, Jake is have something that isn't so girly. :)


  1. Wahoo! Way to go, new cars are always fun :) Congrats!

  2. Choosing a Toyota Highlander is a good idea. This car is big enough to accommodate a family of up to 6 persons. The compartment at the rear is also big to store large items. With these features, I don't think you would have to change cars any sooner, should you decide to expand your family. =)

    Carry Bacot