Tuesday, July 13, 2010


So I FINALLY uploaded my pictures to my computer! Yay!!! Here's just a taste of the BEAUTIFUL place I live in!!

The lake above is called Craig Pond. Jake and I like to go there when the weather permits. Fala has already been there once and, being the wonderful swimmer that she is, raced right to the water and started paddling away. She loved it! We so love having a dog that enjoys the water!

The house above is none other than Stephen Kings house! For you unfortunate souls who don't know who he is, he is an author of many many best selling books. He loves the town of Bangor (he lives there), and has donated money, and helped re-do parks, made water parks, also donated buses for the town! It's very fun.

Fala has been here a week now and is in love. She seems to really enjoy all the fun things here like the parks and the ponds and trails to go hiking. Unfortunately (but maybe also fortunately) we have been in a heat wave (humidity is AWFUL!!), so the most she gets is either an early morning walk or a trip to the pond. But she really does enjoy it here, I think!

The hunt is still on for an apartment. We found one that might look promising that we hope to go see sometime this week!