Monday, February 11, 2013

6 weeks!

So about three weeks ago I posted a very long update complete with a ton of pictures, only to have blogger fail me and delete it. Even the auto save didn't come through. I was so upset. So here I am, weeks later, writing another update. And it had better stick!

 Reese is WONDERFUL. She is six weeks old today which blows me Away. She is a very easy baby so far. From the very beginning, she only gets up once at night. This past week she has actually been sleeping through the entire night! Jake and I realize how rare this is, so we feel very fortunate and very blessed!

Reese has been sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed, but this past weekend we introduced her to the crib! Just during nap times. She has done well, although it has certainly cut down on the length of time she sleeps. I know she will get better at it though. I think tonight will be her firs might in the crib, and let me tell you I am dreading it! I love having her so close! But since she is not really eating in the middle of the night anymore, there is no reason to keep her so close. Plus, it's easier to transfer her now than in a few months, I am sure!

Reese has started smiling, is a pro at tummy time, and has even rolled over for us a few times! She had her one month check up last week and she looks great. She is now 8lbs 13oz and 21.5in long! She had dropped down to 6lbs 12oz at her four day check up, so she gained two pounds in a month! Proud mommy right here!

Jake and I just love being parents. It's a lot of work but like I said, Reese really is an easy baby. We really haven't had any sleep deprived zombie moments so that is lovely!

I am fully recovered also! I lost twenty pounds in the first week after having her, which leaves me with six pounds till I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight! I started working out a few weeks ago trying to build back up my muscle, and last week I started running! I hope to be able to keep it up! Gotta get myself ready for this summer!

The dogs have adjusted very well to having a baby in the house. Fall acts as if Reese doesn't exist. At first, Finnick was pretty jealous. Now he is just his crazy, exuberant, seven month old self. He seems to really like Reese, but he needs to learn how to be careful around her! He is very clumsy, and at about 50lbs, it's not always comfortable being laid/sat/stepped on! But we are working on it.

All in all, things are great! My sister and her family came to visit about a month ago, and my mom was just here. My dad will be out here in April! We love seeing our family.

I will try to be better about updating!

Okay I guess I can't post pictures from my iPad. I'll do a pic post later!