Monday, August 20, 2012

HALFWAY THERE! 20 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  Hitting the halfway mark has been a huge deal to me!!! It's so exciting!
How Far Along: 20 weeks

Size of baby:  According to the books and websites, baby is about 6.5in from head to rump, or 10in from head to toe. I think. About the size of a small cantaloupe or the length of a banana! 
Weight: 117lb
Total Weight Gain: Gained 7lbs.. holy cow! I don't think I gained 3lbs in a week. Actually, I know I didn't. I don't know why I didn't update the numbers last week. It's been hard seeing the scale go up so much the past two weeks, but I remind myself I'm right on track and it's normal. Plus, I ate poorly this past week so that may not help things. Gonna get back on track this week!
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: We bought my first maternity shirts this weekend! They are a little big still, and not necessary. But I love them because they are adorable and way more comfortable than the rest of my tight shirts! I'm still able to wear my jeans and shorts.
Gender:  GIRL!!!! We think. :)
Names: We have a name picked out, but we're not announcing it until my next ultrasound where hopefully we will get a better view and confirm my doctors "pretty confident" guess of girl!
Movement: Feeling little kicks and jabs almost every day!Occasionally she has some quiet days, but I don't worry because I know she's still small enough to hide out for sometime. But usually I feel her quite a bit and I LOVE it.
Sleep: Oh I have been SO tired lately. I'm praying it's just from the stressfulness of a new puppy and that the baby is growing. My sis said this would happen around now, so I'm crossing my finger my energy comes back SOON. 
Exercise: It's been hard getting out every day because of the puppy. I still try to go on a walk at least every other day although it should be more often. Once Finnick gets all his shots we'll be good to go, but for now we're playing it safe. Poor Fala.
Symptoms: Sleepiness, and constant hunger. A bad combination! It's no fun having to fight all your "cravings". :(
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: Nothing I would classify as cravings. Almost every food sounds good.
Aversions: Nothing I can think of!Seriously, all food is delish at the moment.
Things to do: Umm.. everything. Buy crib, find a dresser, get a bigger car, etc etc. We haven't bought her anything yet. I think once we hopefully confirm gender in a few weeks we'll start buying more. 
Best Moment this week: Hitting the halfway point! And feeling her kicks of course. :)
Looking Forward To: Doctor appointment in 2.5 weeks! Dang August for being such a long month! Five weeks between an appointment is way too long!

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