Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wonderful Thanksgiving

Ali and Shane (my twin and her husband) came to visit for Thanksgiving for 4 days. They got in late late Monday evening (around 1:30am, which makes a 2.5 hour drive back home REALLY long), and left early Saturday morning. It was SO nice visiting with them. I have been fortunate to see my sister three times this year. She moved to Florida after she and her husband got married 2 years ago. She was able to come out for my wedding back in March, and then Jake and I got to visit on our trek across the country and see where they live. We spent a day and a half with them and loved it! Wonderfully, they were able to come up for Thanksgiving and it was great. We did a whole lot of nothing for the most part. We had a Harry Potter movie marathon, watching 2 movies a day (which is A LOT, even for us Harry Potter fans!), and did a little bit of sight seeing. We also ate at the yummiest little place on the river named Eagles Nest. I had never been there, but I SO want to go again. It had the best fried chicken burger I had EVER had. And the lady gave me extra pickles.. I love pickles. :)

On Thanksgiving day we went to Jake's parents house and had dinner with his family. Lots of members were missing (two sisters, one brother) so it was a pretty quiet gathering (even though there were still 3 other sisters and 11 children) all things considered. The food was amazing. I had some of the best home made rolls I think I've ever had. DELISH. It was fun going out to their pond and throwing sticks on it seeing if we could make the ice break.. we could. Haha.

The day after Thanksgiving threw a surprise our way!

Snow! I woke up around 8am to big, gigantic snowflakes falling quickly and I quickly woke up Jake with very excited noises. He just about grunted and rolled over. I guess snow isn't so exciting to someone who has lived in Maine the last 22 years of their life. :) But I woke up Ali right after and she and Shane were able to take part in my excitement. It snowed about 1.5 inches throughout the day. I know that's not a lot, but it was SOO exciting for us. It snowed a little bit over the next day, and the snow is still on the ground, but just barely. It should all be gone in the next few days. BUT! It might snow again this weekend and a few days next week! It really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas. :)

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