Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Birthday Progress

This past Monday was my 22nd birthday. Jake had to work so I wasn't expecting the day to be filled with much. We were, however, lucky enough to receive some money so we could go out to dinner that night! Wahoo! So, I was planning on spending the day cuddled up with a blanket and my Harry Potter book, and just enjoying the simplicity of it. Turns out, I wasn't bored at all! My mother-in-law called and asked if she could take me out, so we went shopping, had lunch, did MORE shopping, then she dropped me off at my house around 2pm. I got to pick up Jake from work that day too and left to pick him up around 2:30. When we got home he jumped in the shower, then we left for a super yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I LOVE THEIR ROLLS. Yum.

Jake made me a mint chocolate chip and Oreo ice cream pie. Unfortunately, Jake got food poisoning that night (so sad!) and we didn't end up eating it for my birthday. Finally, however, last night we were able to sink our teeth into it. AMAZING. I've been meaning to take a picture of it, just because it's so beautiful. Hopefully I'll get around to that today.

Yesterday I finished up book 6 of my Harry Potter-a-thon, and started up book 7. I am hoping to be done by tomorrow. I get to see the movie on Friday night and I don't really want to be reading the book the day I go see it. When that happens, I tend to be disapointed. So I wouldn't mind one day for my head to clear before I go see it. I can't wait! I'm going with Jake (of course) and our friend Sam. It should be lots of fun!

Well, I am contemplating spending some birthday money on new clothes. It probably SHOULD go towards important things like, paint for the walls in my livigin room. Right now it's all primed, and very white. I would love to have it painted before Ali and Shane arrive!

That's right, Ali and Shane (my twin and her husband) are arriving 5 days from today!! WAHOO!!

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