Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter is here!

Yesterday there was a pathetic snowfall. Really, it all settled on the tree's and melted on the ground. Something about the ground being warmer than the trees, blah blah blah. Either way, it was quite discouraging. I was ready for the snow! The REAL stuff.
I woke up this morning to lots of snow coming down. And it hasn't stopped! These pictures were taken around 10am. I just went outside again and I stepped down into the snow and sunk up to about mid-shin. CRAZY!! I LOVE it.
Fala hates it. When we had just a few inches of snow (like, 1-2) she loved it. On walks she would run through it, tail a-waggin. This morning? Not so much. She seemed completely offended. She stared at me, and didn't think my "happy voice" was very encouraging at all. 10 minutes later, she finally pee'd. Same thing happened this afternoon. Even deeper snow, even unhappier Fala. She even almost made me face plant in an attempt to get back to the house. NOT OKAY Fala!
I am more excited for this weekend when the snow is supposed to continue, and I will have my husband to enjoy it with. It's just boring when you can't express your happiness to anyone!
Oh and P.S. The low for Wednesday is 3... Maine winter, here we come!

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