Friday, February 25, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 5

Post a picture of your favorite memory.

HONEYMOON IN HAWAII. At first I thought I'd post a picture of receiving one of my guide dog puppies, or one of them graduating. But I feel like that was so long ago, and so much has changed. Jake is such a HUGE part of my life now (obviously) that when I then strayed to thoughts of our wedding, and our honeymoon, it was an obvious choice between the two. Of course being married to him, and going to Hawaii with him for our honeymoon, is my alltime favorite memory. Sipping mai tais on the beach, being able to walk out our front door and be ON the beach, doing whatever we wanted, and BEING married? Definitely the best memory. We wanted to go back for our 1st anniversary, but decided on Florida instead. Hey, it's kinda close!

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