Monday, February 21, 2011

Photo Challenge: Day 1

So I've seen all those challenges out there on blogs, and while some are very interesting and fun to read, I just haven't myself been interested enough to do one. That all changed when I ran across a friends facebook. It's a photo challenge but of specific things. It's only for a month, so it's much more doable than some other ones. Also, I probably won't post on the weekends. So I guess I've already failed! But here it is anyway.

Photo Challenge: Day 1. A picture of yourself with ten facts.


1. I am 5'2" and like it that way!

2. I married the love of my life ALMOST a year ago. :)

3. I am a twin, and we look nothing alike.

4. I'm rather obssessed with dogs. Shocker. :)

5. When I was younger I shook a candy machine and it fell over. I was so embarrased I ran and hid.

6. There is almost nothing better than ice cream.

7. I could not get through the day without praying for strength and guidance.

8. I was born and raised in Southern California.

9. I am ADDICTED to musicals.

10. I hate airplanes with a passion. Just seeing one flying in a movie stresses me out. It's a miracle I survived a long distance relationship for 9 months.

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