Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fala turns 9!

Well I must be a horrible dog-mom because I forgot to post about Fala's birthday ON her birthday. But I'm only a day late. So... Maybe it's not too bad? Pictured above is typical Fala: Happy to be out and about. Please ignore all the slime coming off her mouth. She was getting food rewards that day. :)

It's hard to believe, but Fala is 9 years old. A "senior citizen". It's hard for me to think of her getting older and slowing down, but she still has so much life left in her. She is all energy whenever we go out, she still leaps up the stairs taking them three at a time, and she would play fetch for HOURS if only we had the same endurance.

With all that said there are signs of her aging. She has a little tiny bit of gray on her chin (not as much as you'd think), and there have been days where she groans as she stands up and stretches and her joints pop. She has fallen down the stairs a few times and that's just heartbreaking. So some days, her body just can't keep up with her energetic spirit.

Other than that, Fala is Fala. She drives me crazy on a daily basis but I love her SO much. I'm glad she was Career Changed and that I kept her, because I'm pretty sure that out of all my dogs, she has taught me the most!

Happy Birthday, Fala!

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  1. Happy Birthday Fala! And best wishes for many more.

    My guys are getting older too (will turn 7 and 8 this year). Hard to believe time if flying by so fast.