Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Baby Belle

Have I ever written about how great Baby Belle is? Fondly called BB. Often also called Beelzebub, or Bellatrix (after Bellatrix Lestrange). As much as I love her, and as long as I could rave on and on about her, there's no getting around one simple fact: She is a BRAT.

Oh but I love her. She cuddles with me and only me. She has it out for Jake, she hates him. And usually anyone else who may claim my attention. Well, I shouldn't say she hates Jake. She has started snuggling with him in the mornings, but only if I'm right next to him. It's sweet. But when Jake leaves for work and I go back to bed (it's way early, people), Belle is always there. She snuggles right in the nook of my arm, purring so sweet. She falls asleep and we snuggle for about an hour before she decides the birds outside chirping are too great a distraction. I love those moments. Even Fala tolerates the snuggle (Fala sleeps on the beds sans Jake, also).

Even during the day, if Belle is really feeling nice, she'll come snuggle me. And she has been such a good fetch player from day one. Lately it has been with a little red milk tie thing. She LOVES it. She'll bring it to me in the shower, when I'm sleeping, or going to the bathroom. She always wants to play.

Anyway, all of this to say that my little kitten is getting spayed today. I am so nervous for her. She is so tiny and the idea of her being under anesthesia and being cut open is so... ugh. Please believe me when I tell you I KNOW everyone (well, clearly not everyone) spays their animals. I've had tons of kitties and they were all fixed and all came home in one piece. But this has been a truly terrible month for me. Most of the things that could go wrong, have gone wrong, in the past three weeks. So of course, I worry.

I'm sure she'll be fine, and I can't wait to get the call in a few hours saying she came through surgery just fine. And despite how many times I rebutted Jake on it this past week, I really am excited to not have to deal with more heat cycles! I just already miss my kitty's presence, and I am hoping everything goes perfect. Good wishes and thoughts are appreciated!

(Do you think I'm crazy?)

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