Friday, November 30, 2012

35 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  Sorry for the delay, guys! Week 33 my computer was broken, and week 34 I was in Texas! So here I am. week 35. One week away from being full term! Five weeks (roughly) away from meeting my baby girl! Wahoo!
 How Far Along: 35 weeks!

Weight: 130lbs
Total Weight Gain: 20lbs. It didn't hurt as much as I thought it would to see this number! I've also stayed at it for the last two weeks or so. Even if I continue with a pound a week, it will put me right at my 25lb weight gain, which is where my doctor wanted me. My goal all along was 135 or less, so I think I can do it!! 
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: My sister sent me a TON of maternity clothes! So that's all I wear now. So comfy!
Gender:  Girl!
Names: Reese Elizabeth
Movement: Lots of movement, as always! This past weekend we had a bit of a scare. I woke up really sick and with a high fever. I noticed Reese's movements were down, too. I quickly emailed my doctor and he said to do kick counts and keep him updated after two hours. Thankfully, Reese decided to wake up! 39 counts in two hours. My doctor was very happy!
Sleep: I feel like something MUST be wrong, because sleep has still been BEYOND GREAT. Everyone always complains about sleep in the last few weeks, and I do feel like I qualify being in the "last few weeks". I know it can change any day, but right now I'm loving all this sleep I'm getting!
Exercise: I've been super sick this week. Exercise has not existed. And it's COLD. And dark. But I NEED to get back in to the habit.
Symptoms: Heartburn up the wazoo, oh my word! Some hip pain (not much), pelvic pain, and now that little Reese has dropped I feel much heavier. I'm really still feeling great though!
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings: Nothing really. My appetite has felt pretty normal the past few weeks. Although with a super sore throat, I've been loving an ice cream sundae. :)
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: We got a dresser! And a bassinet! And more pacifiers! And I've washed most of her clothes and all her bedding. Now it's the little things. Pack my hospital bag. Install the car seat. Put away the rest of her clothes. Train the puppy to sleep out of his crate (that will be fun). Be patient!
Best Moment this week:  Probably finding out Reese has dropped at my doctor appointment! I know it's not a HUGE thing, and it doesn't mean she's coming early or anything like that. But it DOES mean there's progress. And my baby is doing the right thing, as is my body! I LOVE that!
Looking Forward To: Every week that passes. Each day is so precious right now! Filled with such anticipation and excitement! Of course, I'm looking forward to meeting her! And Christmas! And getting our Christmas tree!
Belly Pic:

I am measuring a bit small right now. 33 weeks instead of 35. My doctor is confident it's because Reese has dropped, so I am not worried!

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