Friday, October 19, 2012

29 weeks

Pregnancy Highlights:  I can't believe I only have one week left until I'm in the 30s! That's insane to me. 11 weeks does NOT sound like much time at all!
 How Far Along: 29 weeks
Size of baby:  Oh goodness, I just looked this up and I still can't remember. It ranges so much. Over 2.5lbs and around 15in maybe? Haha.

Weight: 123lbs
Total Weight Gain: 13 pounds. Still no change from last week.
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: I can still wear both. I just bought some long sleeve maternity shirts and I plan on buying a few more today. I was planning on buying another pair of jeans, too, but I don't know if I should bother with only 11 weeks left. I still fit my other jeans just fine with the help of a belly band or hair tie. I'm sure eventually they will stop fitting, so maybe when they do I'll just lounge around in Yoga pants. :)
Gender:  Girl!
Names: Reese Elizabeth!
Movement: Lots of movement. I can feel when certain body parts drag across my stomach. I can also see it and watch it. So weird! Jake is still weirded out by it. :)
Sleep: This week started out AWFUL. My hips were hurting sooo badly I could not fall asleep. But the last four days have been Heaven. Wonderful, wonderful sleep! I think my trick may be not falling asleep on the couch beforehand. That always makes me feel achy. When I go to bed without napping on the couch I tend to sleep way better. And the dogs are NOT allowed on the bed during the night anymore. I need my room!
Exercise: It's been good! Walked the doggies and staying active!
Symptoms: Nothing extreme this week. Typical pain, and I think maybe one braxton hicks contraction. I've also been a little crampy, but nothing that has me concerned.
What I miss: Nothing!
Cravings:  Eh.. food is just food again. Nothing special. And I get full way easier, so I have to stop myself before I even feel full or else I will be miserable.
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: So much, it's getting overwhelming. We need to find a way to store her clothes (hopefully a dresser), I want to continue to decorate her corner with wall decals and such, Jake wants to paint the room her corner is in. She needs more clothes! Hopefully that'll be resolved after my baby shower though. There's A LOT left to do. It's just finding the money to do it. The Lord will provide!
Best Moment this week:  Being so close to 30 weeks! Feeling her move! My sister-in-law had her baby this week so the Baby Boom has started. Next up is my sister (in two weeks or so), then my other sister-in-law (end of Nov) then me!!! It's going to be so baby crazy.
Looking Forward To: My baby shower in two weeks! Also figuring out my whole RhoGam fiasco. I need RhoGam because I am RH-, so when I went to go buy the shot the other day I was told it was going to cost $110!! Now we never believed having a baby would be cheap, but SERIOUSLY?? So my doctor, who is very understanding, and I are trying to figure out any cheaper alternative. Jake may get his blood drawn to see if he is negative. Or I'll just bite the bullet and get the shot. Who knows!
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