Friday, October 5, 2012

27 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  This was another "slow" week. I felt like I had been 26 weeks pregnant forever, and that 26 wasn't an exciting number. Now that I'm 27 weeks I feel much further along! Silly, I know. But still!
 How Far Along: 27 weeks
Size of baby:  According to babycenter, she is about 14inches and anywhere between 1.5 - 2.5lbs. I forgot to ask my doctor to take a guess at her weight yesterday. Oh well, not a big deal to me. :)

Weight: 123lbs
Total Weight Gain: It looks like I gained three pounds in one week. But really, I didn't. I weighed myself last Thursday morning and was shocked to see 120, because it was always at 121. By Friday morning I was back to 121. The only number I didn't see this week, much to my dismay, was 122. Just jumped right on past it. But, all in all, from my last dr. appointment to the one yesterday I only gained four pounds. Perfect. Painful for me, but perfect.
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: I can comfortably wear both maternity and regular clothes. I usually choose maternity though, unless it's cold then I have to wear older clothes.
Gender:  Girl!
Names: Reese Elizabeth!
Movement: So much movement every day, and I love it! I know, kind of, where she is positioned after my ultrasound, so I am able to find feet a bit easier. This morning I felt a foot and kept poking it, and she kept poking back. It was the BEST way to wake up!
Sleep: It has been bad most days this week, beside the last two. I'm hoping it's not the start of the awful sleep everyone says you'll get. Since the last two nights have been great, I think I'm safe for now.
Exercise: It's been okay this week. We've had one sunny day, so I made sure to walk the dogs that day. I'm making sure to keep active while in the house too.
Symptoms: A couple braxton hicks contractions but less than normal. Some pain in my pelvis, which my doctor was able to describe for me. 
What I miss: I miss my flat stomach this week. I know, it's SO selfish and awful of me, because I am SO grateful for this little girl. And I would rather have a baby bump than a flat stomach! But I'm getting excited about working out after Reese is here. I'm thinking of buying a bikini for next summer and hanging it up as motivation. Ha!
Cravings: I still want to eat everything! Obviously, I don't. But I so wish I could. Right now, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are my fave! I love them and could easily eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: So much, it's getting overwhelming. We need to find a way to store her clothes (hopefully a dresser), I want to continue to decorate her corner with wall decals and such, Jake wants to paint the room her corner is in, blah blah blah. I keep freaking out no one will buy us anything for our baby shower and leave us to get other things on our own too, like a breast pump and car seat cover (obviously not a need, but REALLY handy for a Jan. Maine baby!), all those type of things. Just gotta trust in the Lord that He will provide!
Best Moment this week:  Seeing her on the ultrasound! She looks great. She had her head smooshed into my pelvis and refused to move, and she was sitting cross legged. She had one of her hands up on her chin like she was having a serious thought. My doctor showed me her eyes, then her eyelids. We saw her precious heartbeat, of course. Even her tongue! She stuck it out at one point. It looked VERY weird. I loved it!
Looking Forward To: Hitting the third trimester NEXT WEEK! My baby shower in a month! Seeing her in three months. :)
Belly Pic: No belly pic, sorry. I'll get one next week. And my doctor finally explained why he hasn't sent me any ultrasound pictures. His machine is broken. If he were to just take them off like he normally does to email the pics, he'd lose all the pictures. There'd be A LOT of unhappy mamas out there. So, he's figuring out a way to transfer the pics without losing them. Poor guy. He said there were some pregnant women that were very upset. It made me feel bad, and grateful that I had decided to just be patient and not push the matter!

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  1. by the way most ob/gyn doctors count, you are third trimester this week! (40 divided by 3 is 13.3, third trimester starts after 26.7...or just rounded to the 27th week!) SO exciting! i was on newborn service last week (the doctors that come around in the hospital and check on the baby the day or two you're there after she's born). it was SO fun--everyone's so happy and the babies are SO cute (coneheads and all! haha). a couple times, i thought to myself, "this is going to be joanna and reese SO soon!"