Wednesday, December 22, 2010

White Christmas?

When Jake and I decided to move to Maine, one of my requirements was that the first Christmas I had was a white one. Of course, I know that being a requirement is a bit unrealistic, but in my head I view it as; it snows in December. Christmas is in December. Therefore, it snows on Christmas.

There has been a few inches of snow the past few days, and over this past weekend there were tons of reports of a snow storm lasting Monday through Wednesday (today). I was SO excited!!! More snow for Christmas! Well, Monday came and no snow. I was comforted by the news that said snow would come in the evening. I woke up probably every hour or two waiting for the snow, but nothing. Just fierce winds and gloomy days. On Tuesday it was 40 degrees, so I knew no snow would come. AND it rained, so it melted all the previous snow. Today is now Wednesday, and Christmas is just three days away. There isn't an inch of snow on the ground, and while little snow flurries have happened, it's nothing that will stay or even stick.

I guess there is still a possibility of a snow storm this evening in to tomorrow, which would guarantee us a White Christmas, but right now it's looking like a gloomy one. So sad!

Of course, Christmas isn't about snow or any other thing like that. Being tight on money this year, Jake and I have had to keep reminding ourselves that we should celebrate Christmas as the day our Savior came down to Earth, in the lowliest form possible, to save US. Because he LOVED us. It's not about gifts. It's about mercy I can't even begin to fathom! Thank you Lord!

UPDATE: well, an hour and 10 minutes later and it is DUMPING snow. :)

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