Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Jake works ten hour days. He gets a 15 minute break around 9am, and then his lunch break. Usually, during his 15 minute break, he has coffee (always!) and some form of snack; pop-tarts, scones, cookies, etc. Well we are short on groceries this week so we couldn't afford to buy pop-tarts, and didn't have enough butter for scones (it takes 8 tablespoons, and I usually double the recipe!), and I just didnt feel like making cookies. But I hated the idea of Jake sitting during his break with no snacks! Enter donut holes. I've been wanting to make some for about a week now, but I was too intimidated by the whole frying aspect that I kept putting it off. I searched around on the internet looking for recipes that I already had all the ingredients to. I found one that sounded simple and had good reviews. So today I finally tried it. They came out pretty well! The first batch (I put five blops of dough in at a time) came out burnt and underdone. So I turned the oil down. Once I figured out the right heat for the oil, my job was simple. I would put five little dough balls in at a time, fiddle around doing other things for a few minutes, and turn them occasionally. Then I'd come back, take them out of the oil, wipe the oil off a bit, then roll them in cinnamon and sugar.
They are so yummy! I think I put too much cinnamon in the actual batter, so next time I try these I'll do less. But that's my only complaint. I am hoping Jake likes them. I know cold donuts aren't the best, but my personal belief is that anything is better than nothing! Quite a few were made out of the mixture, so hopefully there will be enough to last the next two days of his work week!

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