Monday, June 28, 2010


I promise I will try to upload some pictures this week. I have 200+ pictures on my camera that need to come off, and I want to show you guys how pretty it is here!

Jake had his 26th birthday last week. We celebrated by going out to Longhorn Steakhouse. It was good food, and of course we both ate WAY too much. I also got him the new Zac Brown Band cd (he LOVES them) and a gift card to Dicks, which he spent on golf stuff. He was pleased, and we had a fun day!!!

This last weekend was fun too. On Friday (Jake has Friday-Sunday off) we stayed around town but seemed to run lots of errands, and watched movies. On Saturday we went to a touristy town in Southern Maine called Freeport. It's a cute town with lots of shops and places to eat and, because it's in New England, it's all really cool to look at and old looking! We spent the day there, and even when it started raining, we really enjoyed stretching our legs and going into lots of stores. They also have (I think the one and only) L.L Bean store there. It's so big they have four buildings for it!!! Jake made me try on coats for fall/winter. I'm pretty sure we'll go back there around October to get me a good coat. I don't want to freeze come winter!! :)

I leave for California on Thursday. It's bittersweet to be going because I don't want to leave Jake, but I wouldn't miss my best friends wedding for the world. It'll be a short trip and I'll be back Saturday. And the nice thing is, that because Sunday is 4th of July, Jake has Monday off!! Which means we'll still get a two day weekend together before he heads back to work! :)

Fala comes a week from today!!! Assuming my moms driving goes as planned. I absolutely cannot wait, although the first few days here will be hectic. Another family friend of the Burke's will be spending a day here next week, and they have a German Shepherd!! Hopefully the two dogs get along well, I don't want Fala's first day here to be a bad one!

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