Friday, April 30, 2010

And the name is...


I love the name, and I've always wanted to receive a male black lab from a "D" litter so I could name him that. I, of course, completely forgot about this when I was first told I could name the puppy. When Jake and I were driving to work yesterday though, he said "what about Dawson?" I freaked out and said YES YES YES!!!!! Turns out, he only said that because we were passing Dawson street at the time. Jake said he liked the name, but wasn't sure if it was a dogs name. So I gave him the day to think about it, and told him if we couldn't find one we liked more by Friday (today), his name would be Dawson. So, today arrived and Jake and I still hadn't found a name we prefer. So I just sent the email in to GDA, saying that his name would be Dawson. :)

I just can't wait. I have to seriously puppy proof this apartment, and I'm not quite sure how I'm going to do it. But I'll figure out a way. So today will be lots of cleaning and puppy proofing, just how it should be the day before you get a puppy! If I had more money, I'd buy him brand new toys, but for now he'll have to be okay with Fala and Camry's hand-me-downs. :)

I'll try my hardest to post pictures of him this weekend! If I don't though, rest assured come Monday you'll see some pictures of the baby!

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