Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ready for some crazy news?

Jake and I are MOVING!!!! Yep, we're headed back to Maine. I'm SOO excited. When I first met Jake I told him I've always wanted to live on the East Coast (like Maine, Rhode Island, etc.). We took that to be a positive sign, but still wanted to give CA a shot.

Jake found a job here, but it's paying about half as much as his previous job was in Maine. Which isn't fair, considering it's WAY more expensive to live here than it is to live there! And I didn't have a job, and have only have horrible interviews, so that wasn't good either. But we've been making it work for now.

But lately we both feel God working in both our hearts, preparing us to make this decision. And when it came down to it, it was incredibly clear where the Lord is leading us! Jake's old job was offered to him as soon as he called his old boss, and his parents offered to let us stay with them until we found our own place, so it just felt so right!

We will be moving soon. Jake put in his two weeks notice at work today. Our hearts and heads are already in Maine, and we're ready to pack up and head out.

The sad news is, this is the end of the road for Camry and I. The breeding manager will find her a GREAT home, and Camry will be happy here. I am so so sad to be givng her up, but I'm also so excited to start somewhere new!

Fala will, of course, be coming with us. :)

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  1. Ha ha your situation is alot like Adam and I's! We are living with his parents until we find a place, I currently don't have a job (because of the fact we live in a very small community with like minimal possibilities)
    Cool, just had to point that out :) anyway, good luck!