Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dog Hair

Oy. Dog Hair. Jake asked me to write a post about our woes with dog hair. I thought to myself, "why would I want to focus on something that so greatly irritates me?" But, I have nothing better to write about. I mean, I could write about our wedding or our honeymoon, but those will all come along in due time. In the meantime; Dog Hair.
Our apartment is not, by any means, big. It's small. It's fits the four of us (Jake, myself, and the two dogs) relatively well, as long as we don't both try to cook at the same time. When we first moved in, it was only Fala living with us. Fala's hair mess was definitely manageable. I would vacuum twice a week, one of those times being deep serious cleaning. It was fine and easy to control. We do have wood floors in our family room, so it was gross to see little tufts of dog hair floating around, but one quick broom swipe and they were gone.
Enter Camry, the yellow lab. I thought, for some silly reason, that blonde hair would hide even more easily than black hair did on the hardwood floors. WRONG! Not to mention Camry has decided this week she is going to shed her entire winter coat. So while Jake and I make sure to brush her AT LEAST once a day, there's still hair... everywhere. Oh, and I did I mention she likes to sleep on our bed? It has a dark comforter, ideal for showing blonde dog hair.
So, now I think it will be necessary to bring out the vacuum once a day, much to my dismay. I am happy to keep this house clean. I like it, my husband loves it. But vacuuming once a day may kill me. It's just a good thing this house is so small!
In the end though, I wouldn't give away my dogs just to be rid of dog hair. I'm coping with the idea of more cleaning, and it's an easy sacrifice when faced with the other alternative.

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  1. LOL! My roommate has been surprisly ..adjusting to the amount of dog hari in my house. But I find myself vacuuming at least once a week, and living with it until then, but I cannont stand it in my car. It drives me absolutely crazy!! :)