Sunday, December 23, 2012

38 weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights:  Sorry this is late! As always, I can't believe I'm 38 weeks! It's getting soooo close, and it's crazy knowing Reese can come at any time!
 How Far Along: 38 weeks!

Weight: 132lbs
Total Weight Gain: 22lbs.
Stretch Marks: None
Maternity Clothes: I almost always wear maternity clothes, but this week we were late on laundry so I wore some pre-preg jeans and shirts. They still fit! I was so thrilled. I couldn't button the jeans to save my life, but it was appropriate to wear in public! So proud. :)
Gender:  Girl!
Names: Reese Elizabeth
Movement: Lots of movement! Such a good girl.
Sleep: I've been soooooo tired. I've always heard of people saying the third trimester is just as bad as the first, but I hadn't experienced that until the last few days. Holy moly. It's intense! I could sleep a ton. Sleep at night is still great.
Exercise: I've actually kept active this past week! As many walks as I could force myself to bundle for, and doing squats and lunges and such!
Symptoms: Braxton hicks every day, being sleepy, morning headaches, some overall discomfort at times, but for the most part things are going well! 
What I miss: Not much. :)
Cravings: EVERYTHING SUGARY. It's so, so bad guys. With Christmas here and all the gifts of sugar cookies, I wouldn't be surprised if I gained a billion pounds this week. Why must it be so hard to just say no?
Aversions: Nothing!
Things to do: Install the car seat. Finish packing hospital bag. FIND SOMEONE TO WATCH THE DOGS.
Best Moment this week:  Being 1cm dilated! Not sure how much effaced. My dr also stripped my membranes, which hurt like crap. I love progress though!
Looking Forward To: Christmas and New Years! They are one step closer to meeting our baby! And, as always, meeting this little girl! I am trying so hard to not be impatient.
Belly Pic: No belly pic this week, sorry!

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