Monday, April 16, 2012

We're moving! Okay, not really.

So Jake has started up a new job about two hours away. It's in a nice beach town, but it's still two hours away. That makes for four hours worth of driving. Thankfully he's only working 8 hours, but his boss (his dad) knows how important it is for his employees (his two sons) to be at home with their wives as much as realistically possible.

Enter my in-laws awesomeness. They are renting a vacation house for Jake and I, Jon and Maria and their son (Jake's brother and wife), and themselves, up in Camden so we can be only 10 minutes away instead of 2 hours!!

I am so excited. Maria and I "move in" tomorrow. We will only be there the days that the guys are working, so either Mon-Fri or Mon-Thurs. They're thinking about doing 10 hours days with us so close so we can have a three day weekend.

The house is a five minute walk to downtown Camden, which makes it about a five minute walk to the ocean. Although it's Spring in Maine, the temps are pretty mild, although this past weekend and today have been AMAZING. But we have the house for 6 weeks, so I'm certain the weather will just get nicer (Lord willing) so that we can enjoy the place!

Fala is coming, of course, but B.B will have to be left behind, which breaks my heart. I know she's a cat and she won't care, but I am contemplating coming down every other day or something to check on her, clean her litter box, check her food, etc. Maria's dog, Carter, is also coming! So it should be interesting having two dogs in the house. :)

I'll do my best to update from there! Free wifi! Woohoo!

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