Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New home

This past Saturday was moving day! Jake's brother, Jon, was able to help us out, which was a huge blessing. I certainly couldn't have moved the big stuff. Or my super heavy boxes of books either. :) We were able to get all the stuff (minus the animals) down in one load, which was nice. It took half the day, then we treated Jon to some pizza before he went back home. Jake and I spent the rest of the day cleaning out the old place, moving the animals, and unpacking and settling in!

The only downside was this: When we first moved in to our old place, we had to hoist our box spring for our mattress up through a second story door that used to go out to a porch. While we lived there our landlords took out the door and replaced it with a window. We realized on Saturday that there was no other way to get our box spring out. So, it stayed, and our landlords ended up waiving a fee we owned them so that we can go buy a new one! Hopefully we'll be able to do that next weekend. I feel like a high school student with my bed right on the ground. The animals sure love it though!

Anyway, we love our new place. I promise I'll get pictures up, hopefully later this week. I just want it to look as clean as possible in the pictures. :) Jake bought a bird feeder and made a place to hang it on right out of one of our big windows. I am able to just sit and stare at the little birds coming all day. Mostly we've had chickadees, Maine's state bird. But I've also identified a goldfinch as well! I think that's what they're called. It's so exciting. It's also fun being more in the country cause we live pretty close to a shooting range! Jake LOVES hearing the guns, and I enjoy it too. I also get a kick out of seeing a tractor drive down the road. So different than the city. :)

The animals are adjusting well. The poor cat was more freaked out on moving day than Fala was. But they've done very well. We bought a baby gate to separate Fala from the bathroom which contains Belle's litterbox and cat food. It'll also be handy for when our new puppy joins us!

When will that be? Hopefully this summer after we've saved up some money. :)

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