Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What a nasty little piece of work I am. Here I am, on a blogging role, telling how I'm going to write as often as possible about my volunteering at the humane society, or my last escapades in the kitchen. And now it's been what? Two weeks since my last post? Hahaha, oh well.

In reality, I have a decent excuse. I've only been able to volunteer once. Life changes quickly, and now Jake is having to take our car to work most days. So obviously that leaves me carless with no way to get around but my two legs. And I'm not walking that far just to walk some dogs. :) But the one day I have been able to go was lots of fun.

It was just my first day, so as is protocol, I wasn't actually allowed to walk the dogs. I got to watch though! They do this thing every afternoon called Dog Walk, where yes, they walk dogs. Haha. A bunch of volunteers and staff walk all the walkable dogs in the building around a path that takes about five minutes (of if you're not a good walker on ice, more like ten minutes). There were probably 8 staff walking, and myself and another volunteer. Unfortunately there were only about 10 dogs to walk. So it went really quick. But it was still fun. Of course, very different from what I'm used to. But I knew that going in and don't have any complaints!

Hopefully I'll be able to go back again soon, but life is pretty hectic right now with a possible move to a new apartment and Jake hopefully starting a new job. So we'll see! I promise to try to do better about blogging still though. :)

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