Wednesday, September 8, 2010


well, it's been a while!

Jake and I have moved to our wonderful 2 bedroom apartment in Bangor. It is such a nice size for the two of us and has a great sized kitchen, which our last apartment in CA was certainly lacking! I have kept busy the past two weeks cleaning up and settling in... There are nice sized closests here which is a good way to..."hide"... things that I don't know what to do with. :) We still have a huge box of clothes waiting for a dresser, but we will be getting one from Jake's parents in a few weeks.

Fala has made the transition beautifully. I believe she is enjoying her freedom (although she's also abusing it). It took her a day or two to completely get settled, but now she seems right at home. I am hoping to get her a kitty friend in the next few weeks to help keep her company. :)

Much to my surprise, one of my biggest delights at the moment is cooking! I know, right?? Who knew! I never did. I always had such low confidence in my cooking ability, never having learned as a girl or a teenager. When Jake and I lived in CA before, he got off of work early enough to cook dinner for me. But now, working in construction, his schedule is never the same and sometimes he's not home until around 8pm! I certainly wouldn't ask my hubs to make dinner that late! So, I dove right in. Using the recipes I got from my wedding, I have succesfully made Easy Chicken Bake (my new fave), Apricot Chicken, Mexican Corn Soup, Taco Salad (always easy), and we've had some spaghetti and such too. I have also made (on the dessert front) a butterfinger icecream pie (SO good!), strawberry shortcake (classic!), and just today oddly shaped but SO yummy chocolate chip scones!

My plan for dinner tonight was teriyaki chicken... but a certain black lab friend of ours decided to take advantage of my stupidity by eating the chicken breasts I had put out to thaw... That was just two days after she ate 2lbs of hamburger, and a bag of candy! Stupid dog? Yes.. Stupid me? Well... yes. Lesson learned!

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  1. LOL!!!! wow sounds like you guys are settling in nicely!