Sunday, July 21, 2013

July 2013

In ten days Reese will be SEVEN months old! Please, someone, tell me how this has happened!

Reese had her 6 month appointment last week. She is 24 3/4in long and 12lbs 13oz! We are so proud of her weight gain after trying hard for the last two months to get her up! She is in 10th percentile for height and still under the 5th percentile for weight, but I'm not concerned. As my doctor said, she is just a peanut!

She rolls all around the house now and has started getting in to things. We are going to have to babyproof soon! She has started to scoot but isn't very efficient at it yet. She keeps her head on the ground and pushes off with her head. It's really strange. But the last couple of days she has started getting her knees up under her and at the same time pushing up halfway with her arms. So I know before we know it she will be on all fours and crawling! Personally, I wouldn't mind if she stayed rolling for a little bit longer. :)

Her personality is really showing these days. She is a total goof. Whenever she thinks something is funny she smiles and crinkles up her little nose. It's adorable. She is our pride and joy. We love her so much!
 Reese sitting up watching Doc McStuffins!

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