Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me? Run?

Jake and I have been married for just over a year now. Throughout the course of our, albeit short, married life we have often talked about "getting in shape." Running, working out, and eating *gulp* healthier, are all on our list of things to do before our metabolism slows waaaay down. We're still young and at the moment that means we can stuff our faces with little to no consequences (more my husband than myself). However, we know what will happen in the next few years. All the father figures and mother figures out there say "Yep, I used to look just like you when I was your age. Then I lost my fast metabolism." .........

I hate working out. P.E in high school was pretty much the death of me every other day. I didn't like doing the sports besides soccer, and I hated Fridays cause it meant we had to run the mile. UGH. My working out consists of walking the dog on the days the weather permits it. Which, unfortunately in Maine, is not all too often.

But I think Jake and I are starting to see the bigger picture. We don't necessarily want to work out to look better, or to eat healthier to be thinner, we just want to take care of our bodies. We want to get into the good habit before things go downhill, so that it won't be such a climb to get back on top. Also, if I ever get pregnant, I REALLY want to have a good workout regime by that point so that I am still motivated to work out while pregnant, and especially after.

So, this week, Jake and I ran. I almost vomited, but run I did. Two whole blocks. Amazingly enough, we ran the next day too! And today I'm feeling a strong desire to get out there and run again. Well, I should clarify that runs actually means jog. I jog. I run at the very end, use my last spurt of energy. But I mostly jog. Slowly. But hey, it's better than walking right?

So maybe I will be able to keep this blog as an accountability blog of sorts. Of course, we're about to be tested big time by going on vacation next week for 2 1/2 glorious weeks. But it's in Florida. We'll wake up early, try to avoid the heat and humidity (who am I kidding?), and jog.

This was all mostly Jake's idea. I am so anti-work out that we had to compromise. If we go on runs, we eat at the dinner table instead of the TV six nights a week. We also turn the tv on later on the weekends to ensure more quality time spent doing quality things.

I really do hope this lasts a long time and becomes a habit. We will see!

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