Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I know this type of weather is normal for you people in the northern areas, and even the eastern areas. I am not from there. This is new to me.

MAINE IS GIVING ME WHIPLASH!! Seriously! Yesterday the high was 15F with a low of -3. Super, super cold. It snowed all day (so heavenly). Today it is already 35F, with a low of... something not that cold. Oh, and it rained last night so all my new snow is slush and mud.

Lest you worry that it won't get cold again, the high for Sunday and Monday is 6, feeling like -7. And the low is -11, with a windchill temp of -22.

How am I supposed to properly acclimate when, once it finally does get cold, it just warms right back up?

Oh, and I also feel that if it's going to be 35 and warm and melt all my snow, then there should be NO CLOUDS. Lots of sun. :)

To all my CA buds who are relishing in the 80 degree weather you've had this weekend, I don't want to hear it. No, I'm not entirely jealous, although I wouldn't mind being able to open my windows to air out my house. I do love the cold. And the snow. I just want some consistency!
I guess the saying in Maine is right: "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes."
On a completely different note: 54 days 'till a JG and Alisa reunion!


  1. Used to what? Here's the thing I'm used to: Cold in the winter. Hot in the summer. LOL

  2. yay!! can't wait to reunite and experience your maine life :)