Thursday, March 11, 2010

9 days!

I spent two and a half hours today cleaning... kind of. There is more cleaning to be done (like, serious, deep cleaning), but the clutter was going to my head. I can't stand clutter, like I mentioned before. This is weird, because I am not a neat freak, and my room supports that statement. It's just when there's something I love that I want to look nice, and it doesn't because there's piles of boxes and bags in it, then it begins to irritate me. PLUS! Jake moves in tomorrow so I wanted to make it nicer for him.

Three trashbags and a New Beetle full of cardboard, the house looks so much better!!! I took gifts that we had already opened and stashed them in certain areas to make it look SO much cleaner. I also took some gifts and put them to good use!! Like my lovely bathroom set (which I am in love with). :) I am doing my best to not open everything and put it to use before Jake has a chance, but I just couldn't resist with the bathroom stuff. I mean, he'll need to use the bathroom, right?? :) Thank you.

All in all I believe it was a successful two and a half hours. I also swept the floor a little! There are still big boxes that I couldn't fit in my car that we'll have to get later with Jake's car. But it's not a biggie. :)

Oh! AND! Jake and I put all our bed stuff on a few nights ago! We have a wonderful down comforter with a beautiful sham, and the most comfortable sheets I've ever felt!!!! And mom, when we get the rest of our pillows, the pillow shams will also be put to good use. Can't wait! :)


  1. How exciting! It's so nice to see your place coming together and Single Digits! :-D

  2. Very Cool! Putting a house together is so much fun.

  3. This is your LAST Sunday as a single woman!